Monday, June 4, 2007

The Park!

We like to walk in the park with Lily and Cammie. We would take Sweet Pea but she runs off...
Jason Insisted on Pushing her! You can't see but Cammie was riding in the underneath cargo area!
She Loves to ride in her stroller!

I almost didn't fit on the slide!!!

Look! Cammie is Waving!! Aunt Swaff took these pictures! She is such a good friend! :0)


Ashley said...

What Aunt Swaff doesnt get a mention.......after she is sore as all get out?

Lisa said...

What a fun day you all had!
LOL, the slide. i know my butt wouldnt fit.

MelCruise said...

How stinkin' cute is Lily! I could just eat her up!