Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Lily has some sort of circular rash on her face RIGHT BY HER EYE! I am wondering if she could have poison ivy or oak or sumac? It looks like the beginning of poison Ivy to me! I hope not!!!!! I am very allergic to poison ivy,oak, & sumac!!!!!!!

Going to call the dr at 8am and see what he wants me to do! UGH! Shots, Thrush, her eating habits, and now this! Good thing she's a good baby!!!



Lisa said...

LOL, "good thing shes a good baby"
otherwise you might have to trade her in.
I'll give Lily some of Kaitlens eating habits. She eats ALL the time.

Ashley Hester said...

she needs some of Abigails chunk!! :0)

Lisa said...

Abbie can def spare a couple rolls

Ashley Hester said...

LOL i'll give u some of lilys hair for some of abbies rolls!