Thursday, July 26, 2007

Sittin' and sittin'! I'm goin to get the hang of it!

I thought I would update everyone on Lily News since I hardly ever write in the blog! I'd rather just fill it up with beautiful pictures of Lily! :)

  • I'm about to sit up for good!
  • I've been pulling myself up from my back to a sitting position (although I am still off balance!)
  • I have been rolling from front to back and back to front for a WHILE now!
  • I started solids again and I'm actually opening my mouth and swallowing some of it! YAY!! I do like to blow raspberries with a big full mouth of baby food too! I AM SUPER MESSY!
  • We had a small scare the other day when mommy woke up and found some little knots on the back of my head! (Don't worry the dr. said it was just swollen lymphnotes and that I am OKAY!) Mommy was sure worried! (She worries too much!)
  • Mommy thinks she hears me say 'MAMAMAMA' but daddy says I didn't.
  • I am teething REALLY Bad right now!
  • I am standing on my feet for long periods of time and will pull myself up from a sitting position with the help of mommy's hands!
  • I LOVE CAMMIE AND SWEET PEA AND TELEVISION Especially my baby Einstein movie Grandma got me!
  • Oh and Mommy says I drool alot!!!!!!!!
  • I'm sure there is more but I can't remember right now...


Lisa said...

in the second pic it looks like she's leaning into a crawl position. That is just around the corner!!!

Dani (Zac and Cassidy's Mom) said...

What a big girl! Don't you just love the juicy drooly stage! LOL