Saturday, August 11, 2007

Lemons! I like em'!

Today Mama and I (and Aunt Swaff) went to lunch at Mexico Viejo! (late lunch!)
Mama had a lemon for her water and I was dying to try it! I look like I don't like it but I kept putting it in my mouth! Yummy! Maybe I will like sour kraut too?
Oh and I sat in the high chair like a big girl too!!
This sure is SOUR! But good!


Lisa and Liam said...

So many pictures, Ashley! I can't keep up with the comments! LOL! We always check for updates! Lily is just such a beautiful child! Too cute that she was eating the lemon! I can just imagine the pucker!

Kady Mae Bella said...

She's a brave little girl sucking on that lemon! Lily is beautiful!

Lisa said...

LOL, YUM!!! (the lemon and Mexico Viejo!!!)
I love the hair curly, way cute!!