Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The ol' Washington County Fair!

Mommy told me that once a year the fair comes to town. I was kinda curious about the fair. She said there were a lot of animals there and fun stuff to do! So Dad and Mom went a head and took me! It was kinda fun. I was alittle afraid of the animals...I mean, I've never seen a live Pig before! Plus them cows and goats are very mean lookin'! Dad took some pics to prove to y'all that I was brave...take a look!

Mama was trying to get me to pet the cow, it was a very nice cow!

I was a little scared and mom was having a hard time trying not to laugh at me!

If you thought mama was mean, look at what Aunt Swaff did to me! She put me on top of her cousin's pig! She promised it was a nice pig! It didn't even give me any notice, and I was sitting right on top of him!

I'm just not to sure about all these pigs!

Well, maybe they're okay?

The goats were scary too, but I think I like them better than the piggies...

My mommy was showing me the pretty chickens!

I really did LOVE the rabbits! Maybe Aunt Swaff will get me one since she works in that barn!

She sure does love me! (I kinda like her too..don't tell her though!)

Guess who we ran into at the fair! UNCA Morty! He is showing some of those ugly piggies and Turkeys in the fair.

So I'm glad everyone got to enjoy seeing my pictures of 'My First Fair'. Maybe next year I will enjoy it more!


Lisa said...

How FUN!!!! Thomas will be there tonight with his girlfriend. She'll be showing her chickens and goats.

That bunny was cute!! I wonder if my Bunny's breeder is there???

Kady Mae Bella said...

How fun! I bet Lily had a blast! Watch out next year...she'll be running all over the place :) YIKES

Dani (Zac and Cassidy's Mom) said...

Fairs are so much fun. I love all the animals. Those animals at the fair are a lot bigger than Lily's puppies.

Loved all the pics.

katherineolivia said...

Oh Ash! Those pics are awesome. Im sure you guys had a great time! Our state fair is here in October and Im taking Katie! I cant wait!!!