Monday, September 10, 2007

Catching up...

Sorry about the lack of posts recently, but Mommy and I haven't been feeling very well! On Sunday, Mommy and I tagged along with Nanna Kim and Papa Mort. They were heading to Great Grandma's and Great Grandpa's house. As you can see I had a grand ole' time and was even acting like my old self again! (for a little while at least!)

You can just call me the arm flapper! This is what I do when I get excited!

Did you know I can drink out of a sippy cup!

Aunt Sheri thinks I should learn to drive at an early age....

Papa Mort loves me soooo much!

So does Unca Morty! (Did you know that Unca Morty will not take pictures? He hates pictures...but he will take pictures with me! I must be special?!)

Here I am showing Aunt Sheri how I can stand up!

Oh and here's proof that I'm about to crawl on my own! Get ready Mom and Dad! Baby proofing the house will be lots of fun!

1 comment:

Lisa said...

want me to send matthew over to help you baby proof??? LOL
we need to get the girls together.