Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Some old pics of Lily's Birthday...

Jason is getting ready to go in for my c-section! (my mom was trying to talk him into letting her go in there instead of him! LOL)

Look at my mom cheesin' in the corner!! Hey! Even the nurse is happy!

I remember saying "Will somebody please let Sheri hold Lily!" b/c Sheri had said over and over (for 9 months!) that she wanted to hold Lily first (after Jason and I and our parents of course...)

Look how happy Cathy is!

What a happy day for so many people! Cathy had told me a couple days before I went into labor that she envisioned Jason walking out of the room with Lily to show everybody! (I thought she was crazy because there was no way that baby was leaving the room the first hour or so! Because she would be in the room with me!) But God had other ideas and Lily was taken by C-Section. All the nurses OOOOed and AWWed over her but I couldn't see her. They kept saying "look at that pretty face and hair!" The first look I got of her was a distant look from the door way as Jason carried her from the room. I was told it looked like a circus in the waiting room area and Jason didn't know I had so many friends and family. (I was also told that Jason wouldn't leave Lily's side) I wish I could have seen who all was there.

I was in recovery after surgery for little over an hour and a half and then I finally got to see and hold my baby! It really was the best day of my life!

What a beautiful person added to this world!


Lisa said...

awwww so sweet. It seems like yesterday. Then today you see her crawling around!!

momma said...

That made me tear up!

Kady Mae Bella said...

Oh my gosh. Doesn't it feel like it was just yesterday?!?!