Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween!

This was Lily's first Halloween, and Jason's and my first Halloween as parents! All in all it went very well! Lily had lots of friends and family to hang out with and even a few baby friends! We didn't Trick-or-Treat for that long, but we sure did ENJOY Gabriella's! Next year maybe the kiddo's will be more interested in it! Happy First Halloween Lily and Abbie!
Aunt Swaff and Lily

Attack of the teething Cow!!!

My favorite picture of Lily! Look at those eyes

I'm the cutest cow my Mama's ever seen!!!

My Friend Tate and his Mommy Court! I don't want to take any more pictures!!!!

Tate and Lily

Tate and Lily

Lily the attacking COW!!!!!!!

On our way to meet the Velasco's for dinner!

Dinner with the Velasco's! What?

Lily and her friend Abbie

Look at that little monster! He's a poser!! Cute!!
p The whole group! (except us mom's!)


Lily's First Trick-or-Treating! Happy Halloween!

The monster was getting tired! :)
The Horse and the Cow (I ran into one of my old friends I played ball with!)

Daddy and Lily!

Mommy and Lily

Mommy's arms were getting tired so Daddy stepped in!
Thank goodness!

We had to go see Nana Kim and Papa Mort & of course Aunt Sheri!

And of course Aunt Sheri wanted her own picture with Lily!

She is ready for BED! Happy first halloween Lily and Abbie!


Lisa said...

Lily has Mad Cow!!!!!! Poor Tate, LOL

The Holloway Family said...

She is just adorable! I love how she attacks the other kids (mine does the same thing).

Ron, Melissa and Landon said...

That's the cutest cow I've ever seen.