Monday, November 26, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving Ya'll!

On Thanksgiving Day we went to my Great Grandpops and Great Grandma's House! Mommy didn't get the camera out very much but was able to snap a couple of me with Aunt Sheri and my 2nd Cousin Brandy.
Here's me and my aunt Sheri. (It was a little hot so they stripped me down to my onesie!)
And here is my cousin Brandy.

The day after Thanksgiving, mommy took me too see my other grandparents! Their house is always fun to go to!

Here's me and Grandpa Hester. We were watching the Razorback game! (WOO HOO We won too!!!) You should of seen Aunt Carol whooping and a hollering!! (Grandpa & Grandma were pretty excited too!)
See, I was too!

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The Holloway Family said...

Too cute! It almost looks like she's calling the Hogs! Brooklynn kept going "WOOOOOO, Razorback" the entire game!