Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Day with the Marshall's!

I sure wish I could of seen my GREAT Auntie Brenda, but she was MIA?
I was showing everyone my new toy! :) Everyone was impressed that I could walk all over the place with my new toy! :)
Unca James liked my new toy.
Showing UNCA James my new toy.
Helping Coopy open a present
Cousin Derek
For those of you who don't believe my mommy when she says Jovey is crazy, here's a few pics she snapped of him on Christmas day.....


Lisa said...

awwww, shes too cute. i love her jammies

brenda said...

See the pics of other family members that shall remain nameless, now you know why I was I missed you on Christmas and I hope you had a great one, I have been watching you on your web site so I know everything you got from Santa. I look at it everyday and watch you grow and you need to slow down, stay little just a little longer. You are growing so fast big beautiful girl!!!! i love you lil lily mae!!!!