Saturday, December 15, 2007

Lily's First SNOW! Braxton's Bday Party!

Here I am with Rick! Rick is Tiffany's Daddy! Mommy said he is like a second dad to her! :)

Here's Aunt Tiffany! She's Braxton's Mommy!
Here we are at the Mall! Mommy had some Christmas $ to spend from Nana Kim! :)

It was a bumpy ride! Blurry from the motion!

Here's the birthday boy and me! :)
He didn't like me too much? Don't worry, he will in a few years though! ;)
AWW! Here is Kanya (one of Mommy's really good friends!)
Guess What!! It snowed when I was at Braxton's Birthday Party!! It was cold!
Here's a better picture of the SNOW! :) I think my jeans are getting too short on me! EEK!


Lisa said...

i just noticed her shoes!! where did you get them? i need to get those for Abbie

Ashley Hester said...

wally world!