Friday, December 14, 2007

Mommy's Camera was Returned! Yippee!!!!

Now I know most of you know my mom is a bit forgetful, clutzy, and famous for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time BUT she was very VERY VERY upset yesterday. She beat herself up all day long and was even in tears a couple times. I think she was worrried about daddy being mad at her or something.... Ha Ha... But you know what? The nice neighbor lady saw mommy's camera in the road and thought "Hmmm I know this baby from somewhere..." and she returned them to us! I was pretty excited to see mommy so happy! She just didn't want to lose all those precious pictures of me! :) Anyways, heres a few pics that mom hadn't had a chance to upload but were taken about a week ago! Enjoy!!!

These were actually taken about a month and a half ago! :)

She would only wear the hat for like five seconds! So I had to snap the pic really fast!
In ORDER: R-L Cammie, Chewie, & Sweet Pea!
AWW! Papa Mort and Aubrey!


Lisa said...

YEAAAAAAAAAAAA!! i am so glad you got it back. And cute pics!!

BTW, didnt you need me to babysit chewie or something?? ;o) she is to cute. We'll have to come by and see her again. (lily too) Do you get a bunch of days off at christmas time since the school shuts down??

Ashley Hester said...

yes! I get the 22nd-Jan 2nd off! we should go shopping (after and hit the sales!) or do a lunch or BOTH! :)

brenda said...

grandpa mort has the spoilt factor!!!!! lol