Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Mommy's Very own Wishlist

In the words of the fabulous Gwen Stefani, "If I was a Rich Girl," I would have all this under my Christmas tree this year!
Here is this beautiful Coach Handbag that I would love to have.........

And what is a coach bag if you don't have the matching wallet?? :) Lovely, isn't it?

I do love my Old Navy store! A gift card to Old Navy would be delightful!
Just because I like her perfume doesn't mean I like her music!?! But I would love to have some Paris Hilton perfume in this bottle (she has another one out but it smells different!)

I think I've wanted a pair of UGG'S since I was in High School, but never really want to fork over the $ to buy them. Jason says I will probably get them when they go out of style, just like all my other clothes/shoes LOL!

Oh! This is my NUMBER ONE Christmas wish item!! A Red Blackberry Pearl!

If I get a beautiful Blackberry Pearl then I will need this case to keep it nice! (Well not need but 'want'!)
I know I don't 'need' a blue tooth, but I sure would like to have one! :)

This is a 'fashion' necklace at Sam's Club I've been eyeing...... :) But honestly I would be happy with a plain white gold chain to go with my other necklace pendant that is without a chain...
I also would love to have this book for Christmas...I love reading and this would be a good book to pass down to Lily some day...hopefully she will love reading as much as I do, and as much as her Aunt Carol, her grandma Hester, and her nana Kim!
My ULTIMATE GOAL in life (not just Christmas) is to be a stay at home mom...

It's not like I want much....Right?! Ha Ha Ha Ha


The Holloway Family said...

I started to do one of these, but the two main things I want are a bigger house and a new car. That seemed a little too unrealistic! :) Maybe I can try to do a more obtainable list!

Nicole M Wood said...

That is the purse that I showed Jerrame last week when we were in Texas. I love it, and it looks great on my body... I must say we have great taste.

Lisa said...

I love your wish list!!! I want Uggs too. Matthew is getting a pair for Christmas. They are much cheaper for kiddos!

Jessica said...

What a fun list! You have great taste- I love the Coach purse!!