Saturday, December 29, 2007

My friend Braxton came over to play!

I'm sure you all remember my good friend Braxton! Here's a pic of him and I when I was only a day old! He already liked me! ;)
And here we are in June of this year! He's pretty studly, huh?!
So here are the up-to-date pictures of Braxton and I! We had a blast! I was showing him all of my new Christmas toys!

Here we were riding the Pony that Nana Kim got me! He wasn't a big fan of 'touching' the animal! LOL But he did like to feed Butterscotch a carrot. Thats Braxton's MEEMAW in the blue! :)
Here we are in my bench that Aunt Sheri got me. He wasn't very impressed and didn't want to sit with me? I don't know why? Maybe he thinks I have cooties?

Here we are hangin' out! I'm still kinda obsessed with that bench and I think he's over it. He's sooo handsome! I think I like boys who can walk instead of crawl!

Here I am showing him my new Table that Gramps and Grams got me for Christmas. He was much impressed!
And here we are sitting in MeeMaw's lap. She's so nice!
Mommy put us in the crib together that way we couldn't get away! (we were running from the camera!)

See how boys are?! Already pulling my bows out! Ha Ha

I had lots of fun and can't wait til' Braxton comes to play again! I will for sure invite him to my birthday party, as long as he don't pull my bow out anymore.


The Holloway Family said...

They are absolutely adorable together. She's such a cutie she'll have all the boys after her! It was good to see you too! I'm sure Brooklynn would love Lily. Do you live in Farmington? We might have to get them together sometime.

Jessica said...

Oh my word, are they cute!!!

Do you want to come by Monday sometime? I'm off and will be home. Email me and I will give you my digits. : )

annie said...

I came across this blog quite randomly, and I must say it is the cutest thing I have seen in ages!!