Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Lily is 11 months Old TODAY! :)

Happy 11 Months Lily! :)

Pictures later tonight.......... :)

Here is MY thinking on Lily's first birthday. Let me know what everyone thinks! :)

Location: My House

When: February 9th

Time: 2pm-4pm

Theme: Barnyard Animals

The invitations are going to say something like: Come join Old McLily and her barnyard friends with food,fun,and games. Be sure to come in your barnyard overalls!

(I've talked to a few of my friends with kids/babies and they've all said they'd dress theirs in overalls!!!)

Here is what I want the cake to look like (or relatively close) we're ordering it from Rick's:

Lily's Smash cake is going to look somewhat like this (but not sure which animal):
We are going to get pictures done at Bedford's for her first birthday (on Friday the 2nd at 11:00 am) with her in a diaper (with a diaper cover) and a smash cake! It should be some interesting photos! :)

And here is the party in a box (easy and cheap LOL) that I'm probably going to purchase:

We were going to do Clifford the Big Red Dog, but Aunt Carol has to have surgery (and she was kinda the brilliant master mind in it all, and had the greatest ideas!), so we're going to do Clifford for Lily's 2nd birthday (If thats okay with Aunt Carol)!!! Everyone keep Aunt Carol in your prayers! Her surgery is the 11th of this month! We love you Aunt Carol and we're all praying for a quick and easy recovery for you! :)


Lisa said...

yea, Cow balloons, when i saw them i thought they were adorable. It sounds like it'll be a great birthday party. I bet Ricks will put that other cake to shame :)

The Manen's said...

Thanks for the comments on my house! We officially close on Thursday!

I would LOVE to help you guys find a house in PG! Let me know what you are looking for and I can pull some houses that match your criteria!!! There are some really great deals right now! How fun! We sold our house and moved into a rental of my broker's for the time being, we're trying to decide on building or buying!

Here's my email address - smanen@pinnaclerealtygroup.com
I would really love to help you guys find a house! Plus, I would love to meet precious Lily!

Jessica said...

Love that cake!!!

The Holloway Family said...

What a cute idea! Birthdays are fun (but stressful for moms)!!

Nicole M Wood said...

I love it. Also what does the little girl need or want for her birthday?

Kady Mae Bella said...

Happy 11 Months Lily!! I love your cute cake!