Sunday, January 13, 2008

Little Updates....Little Steps

Here's Mom's new coat! It has fur on the Hood just like mine! (awful picture of Mom, she looks like she seen a ghost!)
So Grams and Gramps are in town, so I decided to go over and help put together their new bookshelf. As you can see, I did ALL the work!
Here I am working hard......

And over the weekend I started walked back and forth from Mommy to Daddy! I also took 4 steps to Gramps!!! How exciting, HUH! (at least mom is... LOL)
In this picture Mom is helping me get my balance so I can 'take off' again!

I also got some new Jeans this weekend! I got these pretty jeans for $4.50 at Old Navy! What a steal! ( I just love how the thread is pink! It matches alot of my clothes!)
It's official too! I moved up from a size 6-12 months (in jeans) to a 12-18 month! Now I don't have issues with my shins showing! I think Mom calls that High Waters? I don't know though..
And here I am doing what I do best, which is getting into things. If it's a 'No No' then I'm agonna Go Go get it! Ha!
This here is Gram! She's reading to me! I love to be read to! She doesn't usually dress all in black, but I think she was having a gothic Day! (Just kidding gram! I know you really had on a red sweater earlier!)
After all that working, walking, gettin' into things, and reading I just had to get some sleep. Luckily, there was soft spot for me to lay my head! Thanks Gramps!


Lisa said...

watch out!!! you got a walker!!!!
Love the new jeans and Ashley you look really good!!! WTG!

Kady Mae Bella said...

Holy smokes! Lily Mae, you better slow down :) Your supposed to be little FOREVER!

The Holloway Family said...

Lily is just adorable and has so much personality! I love the matching coats! I would love to be able to find some cute mother/daughter outfits that don't consist of jumpers or dresses with collars! :)

brenda said...

good job lily!!! your ready to play softball!!!!

love auntie brenda