Thursday, January 24, 2008

Taming the Beasts

Before having Lily I will admit that Cammie and Sweet Pea were my babies. Since having Lily they have kinda taken the back burner to my Life, which is naturally so. But then I realized that if we're going to have pets, we shouldn't keep them in the kitchen running free and being wild, we should make them part of the family. That doesn't mean they will get to sleep with us again, but it does mean that I want to tame them a bit more. Not that Cammie or Sweet Pea need to be tamed, but Chewie on the other hand is quite the 'wild animal'. She does LOVE Lily though? Lily will stand at the baby gate (entrance to the kitchen aka: the dog land) and Chewie will just yap and hop around and lick lily's hands! But when Jason and I try to get her she runs like a banchee! She will come to us in the living room IF WE HAVE THE OTHER 2 DOGS OUT. Other than that she goes to Lily (& steals kisses!).

So on Sunday, we got the doggies out for some 'family' quality time.

Here is a pic of Chewie stealing a kiss! Lily doesn't look too impressed!

We were making them all sit STILL and I don't think they liked it!
Such good doggies.....(a picture can sometimes be misleading..)
Cammie's on the RUN!!! No more pics for her!
Where did all my doggies go?

1 comment:

♥Lisa♥ said...

I think you drugged the dogs!!!!! how on earth did you get them to sit still!, LOL
and chewie is innocent of all charges until proven guilty