Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Update on the Sick Front! (AKA Mump Watch)

Jason still has the mumps. Does anyone know how he got the Mumps? I mean, I thought this was something that happened before our time? Jason said the Dr.'s told him they were going to contact the CDC (Center for Disease Control). I am very interested to hear what they have to say about this!

He has been put on Steroids for his "Mump" problem. He also was prescribed some very powerful cough syrup! (We have both been coughing our guts up for almost 8 days.)

Lily and I are sleeping in the guest bedroom. I guess Lily could sleep in her bed, but then I might get scared sleeping by myself.....The dogs seem to be taking this whole sickness rather well, especially since they haven't been vaccinated for the Mumps or the flu? (I was seriously joking there).

Lily's supposed to get her MMR shots tomorrow (if we dont get the Mumps between now and then?).

Lily's Birthday Party is still planned for this Saturday, (SO FAR). I don't know yet if we will have to change it. I know Jason's not a big fan of 'people' in general so maybe he will want to 'opt' out of it altogether. It all depends on how he's feeling/and if he's contagious/and if his face still looks like a chipmunks. I guess I should just type PARTY STILL TO BE DETERMINED instead? So keep up with the blog/text messages I send out for party info.

I guess Grandma & Grandpa both have been infected with the Flu. Thanks Lily for learning to share at such an early age!

Here's the best picture I could come up with, especially since I finally got the house cleaned after our week of FLU fun. (Well, I wouldn't say clean, but definitly better than it was!)

More Updates to come!

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Nicole M Wood said...

For being sick she is still so cute. I hope that Jason gets better