Thursday, February 14, 2008

Vday Gifts/1 Year Shots!

Yesterday at 3pm Lily had her 1 Year old Dr.'s Appt! This included 3 Shots (MMR) and a finger prick. She took the prick with out even a cry! She didn't, however, enjoy the 3 Shots! 2 in the Left and 1 in the right! Poor baby!! This picture was taken right before her shots! (SHE WAS IN SUCH A GOOD MOOD!)

After her shots I had to go get some Lysol (to disinfect our house from whatever it is that Jason has..) and I also had to get my Lilykins a V-day gift! Here is here V-day Froggie that I got her! She would be in this picture but she wouldn't cooperate...(you can imagine I'm sure).

So here is her froggie I got her and a V-day Card we got from Uncle Gene and Aunt Carol! They also sent us two $10 gift cards to the Cracker Barrel! YUUMMMY! :)
Here she is inspecting her frog! (She now likes to cuddle with stuff animals! It's really quite precious!)
Here she is hugging her froggie!
And here she is inspecting her Vday card from Auntie & Uncle Bursey!
So, here I am trying again for her to sit in the heart shaped bench with her frog and card, but the frog seemed to cooperate better...
Finally! A quick glance at the Camera!

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