Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thomas and Code "Hangin with the Hester's" :)

I was a mom of 3 for a few days! My friend Lisa's mom passed away and the funeral was in Las Vegas. So the older two school age kids stayed with us! :) They are GREAT kids! I had fun and I hope they did!

This was on Wednesday before school! I made Code get out of the car so I could get a photo for the blog! :) Thomas helped out SO much with Lily! I really wasn't used to someone getting her in and out of the car for me and putting up the stroller when we were done walking (at the Battlefield). Great KIDS! :)
This is what you call "occupied"! LOL Boys love their video games! I wish I would have got some photos of Jason playing video games with Code! It was pretty cute!
Here's a casserole I made for the boys one night! They loved it!! Jason wants me to cook this for Rod and Cathy when they come in town next! (He must have liked it too...)
More video games! LOL

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♥Lisa♥ said...

Were you lonely today? LOL Thanks for taking them!! im glad thomas was so helpful to you. Um, im gonna need that recipe it looks good