Sunday, April 13, 2008

Lily's First Trip to the Tulsa Zoo!!

On our way to the zoo!!
Riding in her rented wagon!
Being cool like the big guys! We all had our sunglasses on!
The Deer......

Riding in her wagon...
Black bears
Mommy, Lily, & Tate

We fed the black bears....................Thats why he's up...


Donkey Rhinos
Lily and some furry friends..she wanted them to hold her!
Tate and the furry friends!
Jason LOVED the meerkats!

Some sort of deer..I think?
Daddy and Lily with the statue Meerkat.

Swaff pulling Lily!
Taking a break for some lunch! YUM!
This is the sea lion aunt swaff bought for Lily. She didn't want to let it go!!
Watching the sea lions (they took her sea lion away and she wanted it BACK!)
Sea Lions

Lily was asleep at this time, but Jason and I with the HUGE Meerkat!


KNOCKED OUT in her wagon LOL

Swaff and I

Jason being silly!

Some sort of monkey...they are NASTY NASTY ANIMALS!!!!!

Leaving the zoo! She's still OUT cold! LOL

Still sleeping (THE WHOLE WAY HOME!)


Megan said...

awe!! looks like y'all had fun!

♥Lisa♥ said...

those are great pics!!
What a fun day

The Holloway Family said...

How fun! We haven't gone to the Tulsa zoo yet, but I want to when it warms up! Do you have to rent a wagon or can you take your own stroller? I love the picture where she's griping at Jason for taking the sea lion--classic!

Nicole M Wood said...

Thats looks like a lot of fun. Lily is getting so big.

katiebear said...

looks like a lot of fun! you are looking awesome, ashley!