Thursday, May 15, 2008

More Mother's Day Photos!

On Mother's Day Lily and I went to Goodman, MO to visit my Grandparents. We went with my dad, my mom, both my brothers and my sister Sheri! We ate Lunch at Fazzoli's and went and saw a movie! It was a great FAMILY time! :) Here's a pic of Sheri (my sister) and I on our way back from the movies!
We noticed a lot of TORNADO damage along the road!! It was a bit scary to think they were that close to my grandparents!!
Look at the roof on that house! AHHHH
Somebody LOVES noodles!
Aubrey content with her bottle!
Papa Mort! Looking Good!!! :) Papa Mort's still LOSING weight!!!
Aunt Sheri with Lily
Aub's with her Daddy James

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♥Lisa♥ said...

yeah Papa Mort, WTG!!!

uck on the tornado damage!!!! scary.