Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Official Branson Tourist Information Booth NEXT RIGHT!!!!!

Yesterday Lily, Megan, & I went to Branson to look for a dress for me to wear to graduation. As most of you know I don't normally wear dresses and theres no place here that I could find the hunt was on and Branson was the destination! I found a dress and a few other things!! Anyways, here are the pictures from yesterday! The first one if of Morty's Graduation Cap! I decorated the top of it for him! :) Isn't so "HIM"? :)

Here we are eating at Shorty Small's! She got to sit in a booster seat and Aunt Megan surprised us and bought our lunch!! Thanks for going with us Megan and Thanks a ton for buying our lunch! :)
All three of us!
Just let me color! I am sitting in a booster seat like a big girl!!

Mom and Lily
These Cheesesticks were huge!!!!!!! Look how big compared to lily they are!!
My Lunch! Beef Brisket dinner!! (there goes my diet...)
Here we are walking up to the Branson Landing!!! Lily was SOOO GOOD!

She loved looking at all the 'stuffed' animals!!
She liked looking at the fish but when I got her out to get closer she started freaking out! She was scared she was gonna fall in the water and the big fish were gonna get her! LOL

One of the fountains at the Landing!
She said she's gonna get this for Daddy for fathers day! (She just didn't look at the price tag first LOL)


♥Lisa♥ said...

oh wow lunch looked good!!!! yum. Look at lily being a big girl!! how sweet :)

Nicole M Wood said...

How fun, i was there this weekend, too. The weather was great. I got a lot of nice stuff.