Monday, June 23, 2008

Aiden Kaylor Wilbanks 3/21/05-6/19/08

Today was Aiden's funeral. It was a very hard day for Misty and her family. Please keep Mike, Misty, and their family in your prayers. Aiden was a very special little boy who taught so many people that God has a purpose for everything.

I will get a copy of the photo video I made for the funeral sometime in the next couple days. It turned out really nice. They showed it during the actual ceremony while Aiden's Aunt Karen sang a song.

Here is the God tube video that Misty made a few months back.

A picture of Aiden and Lily on his birthday!


katherineolivia said...

Bless his heart!

It broke my heart to watch this video, I can not even begin to imagine the pain this family has endured. I pray they are able to find peace.

Boo said...

Ahh, I'm crying.

Boo said...

I'm sorry, I should say more. But I don't know what to say. My heart breaks for any parent or family that has to go through anything like this. My thoughts are with them.

♥Lisa♥ said...

they are still in my prayers. I cant even fathom the heartache.

Kady Mae Bella said...

My heart breaks for the family. Thankfully, he is in Gods kingdom free of pain.