Monday, July 28, 2008

Here Sweet Pea!

One of my newest Tutu's! Very Girlie and Princessy! :)
Giving Papa Sugar's!
Aunt Swaff was over visiting Saturday and she straightened my hair! I didn't like it so much and neither did mama or Swaff....I did however enjoy chewing on her bait flashlight and keys...
I love to walk with Sweet Pea! When I'm walking in the backyard I say really LOUD "HERE SWEET PEA! HERE SWEET PEA!"
Daddy kept letting me hold her! It was lots of fun!
I'm not sure if Sweet Pea is enjoying this hug as much as I am!
Shall we dance?!

Here's a short Video of my "walkin' with Sweet Pea!"


♥Lisa♥ said...

Look how long her hair is!!! i was just thinking i need to shape abbies hair.
OMG, Sweet pea is eating it up, lol!!!!!!!
i love the video

katherineolivia said...

Oh my gosh those are ADORABLE! She loves that puppy!!!!!
Thanks for the SMILE today with these pics!

Jessica said...

Ahh!!! I LOVE the pics with Sweet pea! PRECIOUS!!!

katiebear said...

that is an amazingly tolerant dog!!!!

The Holloway Family said...

Lily is growing up so fast! She's beautiful!