Monday, October 27, 2008

My Birthday and Lilykin's Bubbles!

Friday was my 24th Birthday! My Best Friends from Highschool and Some REALLY good friends from work all came out to eat with me at TGIFridays! :) It was a blast!

Here I am with my cake! It was from Rick's and it was FABULOUS!
Rhonda (a friend from work) and I
Tiffany and I
I won a free dinner for my Bday!!
Lilykin's LOVES bubbles in the tub! She likes to put the bubbles on her face! Needless to say she is quite entertaining!

Thank you to EVERYONE including family and friends for all the bday cards, presents, and well wishes! I am truly blessed!

1 comment:

♥Lisa♥ said...

Lily is toooo cute.

i wish i could have made it to your Dinner :(

Can't wait to see you two this friday.