Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas with Aunt Swaff and Play date With Tate!

Aunt Swaff came by the other day! She said Santa dropped off some of my Christmas presents at her house by accident!! He even left a couple for my mama!! THANK YOU SANTA! :)
(AKA Swaff and Swaff's Granny)

Here I am with a few of my Presents! :)
I got two new books, a baby doll that has two bottles, 2 new shirts, a purse and I'm sure I'm forgetting something! :)
I had to play with my new stuff immediately! :)

Thanks Aunt Swaff for my presents!

Kisses for Auntie Swaff

A box is so much fun! I think Bella enjoyed the box too!

Here mommy help me get Bella out of the box!

Tate and I riding my fourwheeler! I wanted off...and mommy wanted a picture!!

Tate isn't scared of it at all!

Here I am playing with Tates Gun and Tate's giving me a kiss!

I am sure enjoying my week off with Mommy! She starts her new job at the U of A on January 5th. She is the new Administrative Secretary for the Dean at the Bumpers College! GOO MOMMY! :)


♥Lisa♥ said...

They are to cute together and Tate is soo big.
I love the pic of lils and Bella in the box, awwwww.

Yea Mommy for getting that awesome job!!

Tina said...

Run Bella Runnnnn!