Sunday, December 7, 2008

I went to see Santa! :)

Saturday the Velasco's, Lily & I went to see Santa Clausse! Lisa made the girls dresses and I made the bows!! We got ALOT of comments from other people about how cute the dresses were! :) Enjoy the pics! They are posted last to first because I didn't feel like taking the time in putting then chronilogical order! Brandy Foshe took Christmas pics later on in the day and I will post them as soon as they get in! Feel free to check her blog for a sneak preview of her Christmas Pics! (
Here are the pics from seeing Santa Clausse!
Asleep in the car! What a busy day visiting Santa!!!

You can see Kaitlen poking her head out-then theres ab, then Lily :)

Abbie faking a frown...she was all smiles right before this!

She loves to ride on the toys in the mall!

Playing on the Merry Go Round in the mall! :)
Thomas and Lily


Look! It's Mama! :) She's going through a pointing stage!
I've been a real good girl this year Santa! :)

Our Santa looks real! :)

Waiting Patiently to see him!!!
Here Comes Santa!!!

Look! Fake Snow!!

Best one of her and Mama waiting to see Santa :)
Lily and Mama waiting in Line to see Santa!

So excited to see santa! :)
She's a little Poser! :)


♥Lisa♥ said...

She's so cute. I cant wait to see her Christmas pics.

katherineolivia said...

Awww these pics are adorable! I love her outfit and bow! I'm also jealous you got a Santa pic that looks good...LOL have ya seen Katie's???