Friday, November 16, 2007

No more temperature, but still sick.

My baby is still soo stuffy and sickly! Her temperature finally broke yesterday around 5pm or so. But she's still sickly. It breaks my heart. Look at the picture. She cuddles her monkey and HAS to be held right now! It's really heart breaking!


Lisa said...

oh Ashley, how sad. I hope she's back to normal soon

MamaBear at Potter Place said...

Awww, that's just pitiful. It's hard to know what to do sometimes when you're dealing with a fever in a kiddo so young. I saw one of mine hit 105.6 once and nearly had a stroke. I hope Lily is over this soon and life can get back to normal for you.

How's the medical terminology going??

Ashley Hester said...

It's been at a stand still! EEK I'm trying to get Ch. 2 done! Sorry it's taking so long! :)