Thursday, November 15, 2007

Poor Baby!

I forgot that she had already had her sixth month shots. I only remember one set of shots b/c I took her for her 6 month shots and Jason took her for the 3 month shots. So she is up to date on her shots.

Lastnight she got a temperature of 103 (and that was on top of Tylenol and Motrin!) She just laid in my arms sounding pathetic (she whimpers in her sleep when she's sick like this!).

Anyways, the on call nurse lastnight said not to take her to the E.R. unless she gets a temp of 105 or higher! But I think that's alittle EXTREME! 103 is really bad for Lily since the highest temp she's ever had was 99.something! So 103 is EXTREME for Lily. Anyways. She hasn't had but 2 ounces of Milk ALL day and refuses food right now. My mom went and got her some pedialyte but she won't drink it either. So I took her back to the Ped and guess who perks up and acts all alive when the dr. comes in. YEP Miss Lily acted like a different baby than she has been for the last 12 hours! He said he could tell she was sick b/c of her eyes and nose! But she wasn't dehydrated yet because her shirt was covered in drool. I said that that just happened since we got here too?! Seriously, the dr. must think I'm a liar or something! Now we're home and she's finally 'acting normal', well as normal as a sick baby can. Her temp is down to 100. Lets hope she don't get any more high temperatures!!!


Lisa said...

poor baby. I hope she feels better soon.

The Holloway Family said...

I hope she starts to feel better. They can be little stinkers sometimes--Brooklynn always acted fine when I took her to the doctor too. I'm sure they thought I was crazy! Oh, and I tagged you on my blog.