Tuesday, November 27, 2007

O' Christmas Tree, O' Christmas Tree!

Sunday mommy and I put together the tree and decorated the house in Christmas stuff!!! Tis' the season! :)

Here's our pretty Christmas tree with all the lights on in our living room! So pretty!
Here's our Christmas Tree with the lights on!
With the lights off....

Here I am by the tree. I get so excited when they let me get near it! I want to put the ornaments in my mouth! They're so shiny, they'd have to taste GREAT!

Here's our snowmen with our names on it!

Mommy was trying to get the perfect picture but I just kept swinging my arms up and down! I was excited! Give me a break!

Who has time for pictures with a tree in front of me!?

Daddy's funny!

Here's our wreath on our front door! Purdy!

Mommy thinks I'm beautiful!

OOOO lights!!!

Here's our stockings! Mine is the pretty pink one and Cammie, Sweet Pea, & Chewie share the bone stocking.

Here's the outside of our Duplex! Doesn't it look so warm and inviting?
I love Christmas time!!!

I'm going to EAT you!!!!

We still need to get a skirt for under the tree, oh and maybe some presents, but I'm sure they wouldn't last long with Lily on the go! :)


Nicole M Wood said...

It looks like Lily had fun with the tree. She is growing so fast. You will have to get her picture with Santa for everyone to see.

Lisa said...

Your tree is so pretty. You are brave to put it up so early. Im afraid what abbie might do.

brenda said...

Hey Lil' Lily Mae, this is your Auntie Brenda!!!! You are sooooooo cute. I hope you like your tree and I hope Santa brings you lots of toys because you are such a good girl.

Love you,
Auntie Brenda

The Holloway Family said...

Cute! I love the snowmen on the wall with your names! For some reason my comment on your other post showed up 3 times--so frustrating!

Kady Mae Bella said...

I love your tree! Lily looks beautiful next to the tree...she'll just love you for those pictures when she grows up.