Sunday, January 6, 2008

Lazy Sunday with Daddy!

Usually Sundays are spent with just Lily and I, but this Sunday Jason was off work! His schedule has switched for the month of January and he will be off Sundays and Mondays! Then in February he will be off Fridays and Saturdays!

First thing this morning Lily and Daddy read the paper..... check out the nice morning hair! It's a bit crazy....

There was a 15% off at at store that put a bag in the paper. Let's just say Lily REALLY enjoyed the bag! Probably more than it was printed for! Ha! Ha!

Another view of the nice 'mess' of paper and HAIR! :)

After lunch and a nap, Mom and Dad decided to clean out the car! They rigged together this 'swing' on the garage door and mom's Tread Mill! (Good use for that, LOL). She wasn't sure what to think of the swing!

Mom!? What are we doing?

This evening I caught Lily and Daddy watching football as I prepared the 'beans and cornbread'! YUMMY! :)

Finally, here is where we hung the tile! Goes perfect with all my cows! :)


Kady Mae Bella said...

Did Lily clip the coupons too!?

Lisa said...

too cute!! sounds like jason is going to have a great days off schedule!!

Nicole M Wood said...

I love it!!! Did she find any good sales?

Leigh said...

Jessica is so creative! It looks great!