Saturday, January 5, 2008


Braxton came over to play again! We had lots of fun! We mainly played with some toys, ate cheetos, and watched cartoons! IT WAS ALOT OF FUN!

Okay so basically my mom thinks its fun to put me in overall's like Braxton was and take lots of pictures. Just bear with her please...

The adults thought it was funny because we were staring at eachother...

I really wasn't 'pushing' him, I was just touching his overall hook....That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

They had ate some cheetos and you can imagine the mess...look at Lily's cheeks LOL
This will be a great black mail picture when they're in Jr. High

Braxton DID NOT want to get in the tub! Tiff was kind of shocked b/c he usually loves bath time.
Braxton gave me kisses 'bye-bye'! He's a nice boy! He didn't even pull my hair this time! :)


Lisa said...

they are so cute!!!!!
I bet he'll be glad when he's older that he had himself covered up, lol!!!!!

Jessica said...

They look like great frineds!

You should let us babysit sometime!