Wednesday, January 2, 2008

My lil' Mini Skirt

This Mini Skirt is a size 3-6 months! It still fits her and she still has PLENTY of room. Just not in length LOL :) What a lucky girl if she stays so skinny her whole LIFE! :)

She was trying to telling me something but it came out as raspberries...?

This is the video of lily getting her pony on Christmas day. It is longer so I hadn't posted it. Enjoy!


The Holloway Family said...

She is just too cute with the pony! I love the mini skirt! Is it Old Navy? I think Brooklynn has the exact one! She has the boots too!

Thanks for the comment! Unfortunately she'll be in glasses for the rest of her life, but we're hoping to get rid of the bifocal lenses. They're so expensive that we've only ordered one pair, and her metal glasses lenses are too small to put bifocals in. I'm just ready for some cuter glasses. Possibly matching mother-daughter? :)

Jessica said...

I've posted your tile- take a look and tell me if you like it/want me to add something, etc.

Jessica : )

Jessica said...

I am dying laughing at that video. That is hysterical!! When she grabs the reigns and starts ranking, I almost lost it laughing! She is one brave girl! Way too cute for words, sista!

The Manen's said...

Ashley!! Lilly is so cute! I absolutely LOVE her mini skirt! Too cute!

brenda said...

thank you lily for inviting your auntie brenda over the other day. you might just be the most beautiful girl in the whole world....i love you and look forward to coming over again your auntie brenda