Thursday, January 3, 2008

My Wall Tile!

I just wanted to share a picture that Jessica McCash has on her blog:

This is the tile that she made for us! Isn't it SO cute! I love how it is personalized and with country animals! :) Love it!

She has been so speedy in making it and the price is great! I definitely recommend her to anyone!

Take a look!


Lisa said...

that is adorable!!!!!!!!!!

Jessica said...

Ashley- Friday after 3:00 is great! I can't wait to see you!

brenda said...

thats beautiful......i want one lily mae!!!!

The Holloway Family said...

So cute!!! Oh, and I noticed on the post below that you said her skirt is 3-6 months. Brooklynn was literally in that size until her first b-day. She never even wore 6-9 months because they're wider around the waist that 12 month stuff. I think they're built a lot alike!!! The pictures you have of Lily remind me of little Brooklynn! :)