Monday, February 23, 2009

Dallas Trip to the Aquarium with Auntie Megs!

This weekend Megan, Lily, & I went to Dallas to get in some outlet shopping and to take Lily to the Dallas Aquarium. She loved it. She has been particularily fascinated with fish/sharks here lately and she LOVED the shark exhibit!!! I got some new bags for my 'online boutique' and some other stuff at the Korean shops out there and then we had a blast at the aquarium/Bass Pro/ and some other mall that I can't remember the name too. Megan is from texas and has family in texas still, & any excuse to go out there she will JUMP to go. She almost cried as we crossed the Oklahoma line out of Texas lastnight. Ha Ha :)
Enjoy the pics!

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♥Lisa♥ said...

LOVED all the pics. Looks like a blast.
They have a Korea town?!?!?!?!? im gonna have to go!
can't wait to see your new products!