Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Poor Baby! :(

Saturday night Lily was sliding off my bed with some toys in her hand (she does this on a daily basis and never gets hurt). Well, this time she hit the floor funny/dropped her toys and fell and hurt her wrist/hand. I thought it was just a sprained wrist or bruised hand and have been monitoring it for the last few days. Well, today my mom called me at work and said she doesn't think its getting any better and that I should probably get it x-rayed to make sure it isn't cracked/fractured.

So I took off work at 12:30 and took her to the dr. to get X-rays. The Xray tech said she had a fractured wrist and that they were referring me to Ozark Orthopeadic. Ozark Ortho. said they couldn't fit her in until Friday, and I was not happy about that. So I made a phone call to one of my best friends from High School (Tiffany..aka "Gimp") who works at Ozark Ortho....needless to say, Lily was seen today, and had her cast put on today. The Specialist said that if Lily were an older kid/adult he would just say no activity with this hand/wrist for 3 weeks, but since she is only two he would feel more comfortable putting a cast on it for 3 weeks so if she fell again it wouldn't make it worse. He said she should be perfect in 3 weeks.

She sat through the exam, and did very good. The nurse that put on her cast had curly hair just like Lily and was kissing her finger tips in between applying stuff to her cast. Anyways, she was treated like a princess (as usual-the whole staff loved her-including the front desk workers). Everyone said you couldn't even tell she had a fractured wrist from the way she was acting. (Until she put weight/pressure on her right hand). Anyways, a special thanks to Tiffany for getting Miss Lily in today, so I don't have to miss anymore work and Lily was taken care of ALOT sooner than Friday. Right now she is sleeping you can well see! :)

Ibuprofen will be her friend if she seems irritated/sore the next couple of weeks and the cast comes off March 26th at 9am. Tate had to sign her cast, and so did Aunt Ashley (Aka: Aunt Swaff). I'm sure there will be plenty more signatures on this teeny cast before the 3 weeks are up. Until then, bathtimes are going to be lessened and her arm has to be wrapped in a plastic bag with duct tape around the plastic (Not the Skin) securely and limited time in the bath to make sure and not get it wet.

I'm sure you all understand how I a bad mom. But, like the dr. said, "She doesn't even act like she's in pain". So it was hard to tell if she needed to be seen or not. I'm glad I took her today and am thankful it was a minor break instead of something far worse. Goodnight-Ashley


♥Lisa♥ said...

Poor baby! and poor mommy! I think it's harder on mommies than it is babies when they are hurt.

Boo said...

Poor Lily! I wouldn't feel bad. Jaxon slides on and off our bed and does all sorts of tricky things that could technically get him hurt ALL the time. Heck, we bought him a 13 ft trampoline without a safety net! How bad are we!!

She's so precious!

Tina said...

Aaawww, Poor Lily..

Emily said...

Poor little Lily! Don't feel bad, kids always fall, how were you suppose to know. She looks super cute in her pink cast!

katherineolivia said...

Ash, no reason to feel bad at are an amazing Mommy! Kids get hurt, that's part of growing up. Poor little Lily, I hope she feels better. Hey, atleast she can sport the pink cast and look even cuter than she usually does. =)

Megan Eoff said...

I'm coming over tonight to sign the cast! awe! poor lil' girl--and thank goodness Tiff works there, you know she'd pull some strings. You're the best momma to that precious baby girl, so no worries!