Monday, November 12, 2007

Busy Saturday!

This Saturday was a busy day for me! I had lots of things planned with Mommy and Nanna Kim and Aunt Sheri. First off we went and had lunch at Olive Garden! It was sooo Yummy! Then Nanna Kim took me to Target and bought me some new clothes! Check out my new polka dotted dress! Isn't it gorgeous? :)

After we went to Target I had to go model my new dress for my cousin Coopy! He thought I was really PURDY in my dress! :)

Don't Drop me!!!

Here we are at Olive Garden (and guess who else was there!?) Chloie and Kalliegh Jo!

Nanna Kim was holding Chloie (I admit I was a little jealous!)

Man after that busy day I was ready for a bath and a nap! I can sit in the tub like a big girl now! I don't need any support, just a watching eye! :0)


The Holloway Family said...

I love her cute little dress (isn't it fun when they get new clothes?). That's so sad about your sister. Brooklynn runs into stuff, but her main problem is that she has no depth perception. This is VERY scary when we're at a park b/c she will literally walk off of things that are 6 ft in the air!

Jessica said...

I love the group picture of you girls with your babies! How fun!