Friday, January 4, 2008

Ear Infections are no fun!

So after fighting a running nose and a cough for the last two weeks it seems, Lily was getting better (I THOUGHT?). Wednesday was back to work for me and Lily did fine with my mom all day (besides the fussy baby when I left her just the first few minutes).

Well Thursday morning Lily woke up incredibly early (4:45am!) and had her morning bottle. She felt a little warm and was fussy so I gave her some Tylenol and she went right back down.

After I dropped her off at my moms later that morning I guess she got worse. My mom said she was fussy since I dropped her off and wouldn't take a bottle (and was pulling at her ears!). Poor baby. So I left at 1 pm and took her to the dr. and she has a double ear infection! So we got some medicine (ear drops) and we should be back to normal in a day or two! Hopefully!

I dropped her off this morning at my moms (because I had to work this morning, at least a few hours). I will be so happy when I'm finally a stay at home mom. Apparently, the time is getting closer and closer (at least that's what Jason's says...) So everyone that reads this blog and is the praying kind, pray a little prayer for Lily Mae's mama.... and that she will either get over the fact that she wants to be at home with Lily, or that she gets to be a stay at home mom. Either way time will tell.

Here's a few pics I took last night. She was feeling chipper (as long as she could see Mommy..). As soon as I left the room it was a bloody screaming fit. Anyways, here's some pics I took lastnight (after the ear drops, Motrin, and a long nap!).

I's got a remote!
Here she is standing all by herself. She is a bit stubborn and will only take 1 or 2 steps then fall and crawl. Also notice the mouth (its a bit blurry b/c I took the flash off b/c she always closes her eyes and she's moving) She is kinda like grinding her top gums with her bottom teeth. You can see the two nubbies of her two TOP front teeth now and she is a biter! Watch out!
Here she is turning and going into the 'fall & crawl' as I call it....

And there she goes, down the hall, but first we have to turn around and make sure Mommy is following!

I love all my new toys! Mom, you aren't leaving are you!

Mom also forgot to show everyone her new bed set! Jason call's it 'White Trash Suede' because its 'Micro-suede' or something like that! LOL Mom likes it though!

Okay, let me down. Enough with the pictures!


Lisa said...

LOL, i guess im WT because i like microsuede.
You can tell Lily looks sick. i hope she is feeling better soon. Im praying for you being able to stay home with lily. that is so awesome that it'll be soon!!! hugs, hang in there.

The Holloway Family said...

Poor thing! I hope she feels better soon! She's still adorable even if she is sick! My friend Erica's email address is I'm not positive about her pricing, but I know it's much cheaper than all of the other places around here. She's really sweet too!

Jessica said...

It was so fun meeting you and having you over today! Sorry you had to see me in a robe with no makeup! Ha ha ha! I KNOW it was not a pretty sight! You'll have to come over again sometime soon and bring Lily!